Start To The Weekend

CC bought a HUGE bag of raw spinach and happily gave me some.  It's really the only way I like spinach, raw.  Have never been able to stomach frozen or canned spinach.

Anyway this morning, I used some in a 2 egg omelet along with a little bit of reduced fat cheese and some bacon.  It was very YUMMY!  A little higher in points than my usual breakfast, but it is keeping me full longer.  I know what you're thinking - isn't it cooked in the omelet?  Yes it is but the flavor is just different, I can't explain it!

Lunch is going to consist of spinach again!  I'm going to make a salad consisting of spinach, cucumber and tomato topped with a vinaigrette dressing.  I like to use the Good Seasons Italian Dressing.  Each tablespoon comes to 2 pt+; however, I've discovered that if you use just 1 tablespoon and shake it and the salad all together and leave it sit for a little bit; 1 tablespoon is plenty-so it falls in line with the low cal/low fat versions out there.  I'm also having some leftover roasted chicken with my salad.  Because I make the dressing with oil, when I use it, I count it as one of my healthy oils.  That may not be the correct way to do the oil; but at least I try - some people skip over that entirely.

Dinner will consist of a chicken and dumpling casserole.  I made it the other week and it was quite tasty and the leftovers heat well.  Hubby will be attending his son's bachelor party this evening, so he'll eat there so I'm hoping this casserole will give me 2-3 lunches as well.

Re-reading my second paragraph I'm now thinking pasta salad - whole wheat noodles, spinach, cucumber, tomato and Good Seasons.  Not for today, but may work well for a lunch later in the week!

I'm really trying my best this time around.  Last week I used all my weeklies in addition to the dailies - I'm trying to avoid that this week but I have used some already.  It's hard to find your "place"...some people can use all points and lose consistently; others can't.  I'm afraid I'm in the group that can't.  However, healthier eating provides the option to eat more!  So I'm always looking for the healthier option!  I don't want to be one of those people who using all their points on the snacky crap!

Despite what my weigh-in is; I'm thinking of making my daily point target 29.  That was the original lowest points you could go when points plus came out and I lost on that.  26 just doesn't seem enough and when 2 of those 26 is used for healthy oils that leaves you with 24.  I always feel like I'm starving.  So I need to make some adjustments for me.