Back To Weight Watchers

CC and I started back at Weight Watchers tonight.  We chose to go a different evening than last time and have a different leader.  Nothing was wrong with our old leader but we wanted to make a complete change in order to shake things up a bit.

The regular leader wasn't there unfortunately; but the one that was we really enjoyed.  Too bad she is not a regular one at our location.

When I started Weight Watchers back in September 2010, I weighed 184 lbs.  Within a year I was at my goal weight of 146.  Today I weighed in at 171.6 lbs.  Totally unhappy with that!!  So it is time to get my butt back in gear!

I did my grocery shopping yesterday and am pretty much prepared.  Lunch is my biggest issue, I fail so often there; however this month's topic at WW is LUNCH!!  What are the chances?? It's a sign, I'm sure.