Apparently, I Have Issues In My Life That I'm Not Aware Of.......

CC and I attended our second Weight Watchers meeting last night.  I was down 1.4 lbs. which would be worth jumping up and down for if it weren't for the fact that I was wearing lighter clothes than I did the week before.  So I either had ounces in loss or stayed the same.  Either way though is better than a gain.

Last night's meeting involved sharing weight loss stories and hearing other people going through what I go through.  These are always helpful and inspiring.

The leader for this meeting wasn't the usual one (she won't be back until next month); so they've had fill-ins. This week was the same lady from last week whom I'll refer to as "B".  Anyway.......

After the meeting CC approached her and asked for help with Weight Watchers.  We both explained our stories of being Lifetime, how we felt about WW's attitude towards lifetimers (and it isn't just us, there are blogs/message boards all over the net of lifetimers complaining of the lost support) and basically how we should approach things this time around; after all we don't have the "hype" we had the first time around.

At first she explained that we aren't going to feel how we did the first time so don't expect it.  She seemed oblivious over the fact that WW's doesn't support their lifetimers; and reminded us that the weight gains are not an over night thing, it is actions we've been doing for some time.

Neither of us were denying the fact that we've been off program or have only been half doing it for sometime - we weren't complaining about the program; we just needed that push that maybe this time will be "the" time; you know-words of encouragement, helpful hints.  For some reason "B", without me saying any more than how my journey was, decided that I had some underlying issue going on in my life now that had me reverting to food.  Oh wait, what??????

She said this more than once and stated that she wished we had time to sit down and talk so she could help me through it.  CC spoke up immediately "She has me to talk to." Which I replied "And I tell her everything." CC continued "And she's told me of nothing going on."  This didn't deter "B", she knows there is an issue there.

I walked away to the counter to pay for items I wanted to purchase.  I am so glad she won't be there next week and if for some reason she is, I'm not staying for the meeting.  I'll go another day.

I can't even begin to explain how this has made me feel - I didn't have an issue, but I have one now!!  How could she in less than a 5 minute conversation analyze me to that degree?  Hubby was not pleased at all-he wants to know when WW Leaders became certified therapists.  I'm still debating writing a letter to the main office.