I can't believe my vacation is over and I'm already back to work...BLAH!!

The hotel we've stayed at year after year is the Mystic Sea.  We started staying there on our first trip as it was recommended by friends we went with.  It's nothing fancy.  Just a small oceanfront beach hotel.  We liked it, it suited our needs and we've never tried anywhere else; why take the chance?  Over the years it became a little run down but was still clean.  The past few years they've been doing upgrades as money allows.  This year the place looked FABULOUS!!  They still do there Thursday night hot dog grill for the guests; and on Tuesday there was a DJ in the afternoon.  It's normally the same guests that return year after year; so it's like a huge big family!!

Some photos:

In the last 2 photos you can see a building across the street - that is also part of the hotel and there is a pool behind that as well.  In the last photo, the building across the street to the right is their convenience store.

So all in all the vacation went great and we chose to go ahead and book for next year before we left!!