A "Just Roni" Post

One of the first Weight Watcher's type blogs I came across was Just Roni.  She also has a recipe site called Green Lite Bites - love her recipes.  And there's a cookbook:  Favorites From The First 3 Years.

Roni lost 70 lbs. on Weight Watchers and started her blog to log her journey - it has pretty much expanded into a business for her.  She's maintained and is now running marathons.  She's a real inspiration!

So imagine the horror to find her before and after photos with a fake name claiming the weight loss occurred in 30 days by using a weight loss product.  Yep - they were falsely selling their  using her photos that they stole from her site! Yikes!!  You can read the story here:  How I Lost 70 lbs. In 30 Days.

Needless to say, she was NOT happy and did not like that her face was being used to rip people out of their money.  She wrote a blog posting warning readers of these companies:  10 Signs That A Weight Loss Company/Product/Device Plan Is Lying.  "Good Morning America" picked up her story and interviewed her: Good Morning America Appearance.  After that appearance "Inside Addition" picked up the story: Inside Addition Report.  Her job was to get the story out there and protect the public from wasting their money on these scams.

On a happier note with her:

She and 2 other bloggers won a local recipe contest:  Food Lion Contest

AND.....a healthy burger recipe she submitted on the "The Today Show" won her a finalist spot and she appeared on that show:  The Today Show.

So as she can see, Roni is a very active person and you should visit her site frequently!!