As I've said before, the mojo isn't the same......  I'm still struggling and it takes absolutely nothing to fall off track.

Beth of Beth's Journey recently had plastic surgery to remove excess skin due to weight loss.  Her last post was prior to surgery, so while waiting on her next; I've been looking through some old posts.  I came across this one:  Attune Foods: Back To The Basics.  It made me feel better that there are very successful weight losers that at times, need to go back to the beginning.  Loved that post!

And it made me decide that I don't want to be this person again:

Anyway, Thursday night on our girls night out, CC and I discussed Weight Watchers and such.  I told her I was definitely going back in September - I HAD TO.  We then decided that maybe it would be better to go to a different meeting.  Though we have no issues with the leader we had nor anyone there; we thought a fresh start not walking back into the familiar will give us that needed boost to the mojo.  So that's what we decided to do!  Weight we come.