I was out shopping last week and came across this new item:

And very yummy it was!!  They also have a Peaches one that comes in at 4 points and a Maple & Brown Sugar at 5 pts.  Very worth it and if you have the ability to microwave at work, a handy grab & go.

On the peanut butter front, Jif just came out with this:

Smoother, easier to spread and only 4 points for 2 tablespoons (regular averages 5-6 points) it is worth a look for your peanut butter cravings.  They also have a chocolate/peanut butter flavor.  However, I must admit that I've been using whipped peanut butter to save that point or two for several years:

I was surprised with all the hoopla over the Jif!!  There's been a version there all along!!