Has it really been that long since a post?  I've had posts running through my mind for weeks, just never got them written down.

So let's fast recap:

My parents celebrated their 60th Anniversary this year.  We had a semi-surprise party/picnic for them on the 4th of July (which is actually their anniversary btw).  They thought it was just a picnic with the immediate family, but we invited family and their friends to join us as well (that was the surprise part).  Things went very well and the worries my one sister had over not enough food were over rated - we had tons left over!  The day before she went and picked up the cake and instead of it saying "Happy 60th Anniversary"; it said "Happy 60th Birthday Ann".  Plus she asked for red decorations, and they did red and pink (she hates pink).  The solution for the wording?  They scraped it off and then rewrote what she originally asked for!  Nothing could be done about the pink...hmmmm....I would of refused to accepted it or they least they could of done is take some cost off; but she, the panic over everything for the party, just accepted it.  It gave a good story to tell, but still I wouldn't purchase a cake from Giant Food/Martin's again.
Some photos:

Very hot, but lots of fun!!

On the weight front.....  well I'm averaging between 168-171 lbs.  Yes, it's probably my fault, but it's been hard getting back into.  But I'm working on it!  I did come across this smoothie type recipe that comes in at only 2 points plus, makes a HUGE portion and depending on how many ice cubes you use can be super thick or strawable.  It's was designed to be like a Wendy's frosty; don't expect that to the tee, but it does come close:

1 cup skim milk 
about 15 ice cubes
1/2 tsp vanilla
1-2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 small banana

Blend it all together!  That simple!

Yes, you can make changes.... you can use almond milk, soy milk, regular milk, etc..just remember, if you are counting points, changes could affect the point value - so make those changes accordingly.  Yes, you can use imitation vanilla,  Yes, you can use Nestle's Quik in place of the cocoa powder, but again, this may add points.  Play with it, make it your own..but don't make it too high calorie!

We've been dealing with no air conditioning in the middle of a heat wave at work.  No fix coming anytime soon (probably in time for winter, then I've no doubt they'll be a heat issue); so they FINALLY opted for this:

It is slowly helping!

Also on the 1st of July was my 13th Anniversary!  No photos from that day...but here's one from 13 years ago:

I got flowers and XM Radio for the car - NICE!

And my new addition:

A betta fish!  Didn't have plans for this but he was sitting in a little cup all alone on a shelf looking sad - now he is happily swimming in a nice large retro fish bowl!

That's the update so far!