Vacation Coming Soon!

In 36 days I'll be on the beach!  Can hardly wait!  We were a little late making our reservations this year but the still had one available ocean it was meant to be!

I'm doing better diet wise and exercise wise...hope to keep it up!

For the very first time ever - I dyed my hair tonight!  My hair has been highlighted once or twice by my hair dresser; but completely dyed never.  And I did it all by myself.  I was terrified, afraid it would ruin my hair, I'd stain my skin, etc...  All the normal fears, I assume; but everything worked fine.  It's not a totally drastic change, very similar - maybe a little darker but the red highlights look so natural - I am very very pleased!
My hair isn't ruined (it's actually shiny and soft); my skin isn't stained (wasn't as messy as I thought I'd be) and yeah, I'd do it again!  I opted for Clairol Nice n' Easy in Medium Spice Natural Reddish Brown (#119b).  I really like that the red looks natural.

Dinner and a movie tomorrow with CC before she heads on vacation and I begin my  house, dog, cat sitting at her house for the week!