My Weight Loss MoJo Went A GoGo.......

I've lost my MoJo where weight loss is concerned.  Actually I haven't had it in 2 years but I keep trying; but it just doesn't come back; at least not in the way it needs too and definitely not in the way it was when I started Weight Watchers in 2010.

I was watching Extreme Weight Loss last night.  I don't normally watch weight loss shows of this nature (I detest the Biggest Loser due to the "in your face screaming" the trainers seem to deem necessary), however this show isn't quite as bad and I didn't notice anything else worth watching.

The show had its ups and down...she'd lose a lot of weight, then fall into bad habits and regain - that terrible ongoing vicious cycle that anyone who struggles with their weight goes through.  At one point she told the camera that she knew she fell off track and that it is so hard to get back that motivation again.  BINGO!!

I couldn't agree more.  It is hard; very hard and finding it again is nearly impossible.

I can remember my Weight Watcher leader saying it took her 3 times on Weight Watchers.  The third time on the program was when she "Got It".

I don't believe that.  Why?  Because I "Got It" the first time around.  I "got it" that the program works; I "got it" that you have to do the program consistently to get it to work; and I "got it" that you can never stop doing it if you want forever success.  I don't need to "get it", I need to "do it".  And there lies the answer.

When the MoJo isn't there, the do it won't be happening.

Unlike the participants in any of the weight loss shows; I don't have some under lying issue that needs to come to light - that's where all that trainer yelling comes from, they want them to break down and tell all their deep dark secrets on what happened that made them turn to food.  Nothing happened to me, I just happen to like food.

So I need my MoJo.  I already have made the decision that I need to be heading back to Weight Watchers in September.  Why wait?  Because the money isn't here at this moment.  I also need to get myself back in gear at the gym and the diet sodas need to go away.

Now where does the MoJo come from??