Back On Track

Despite a really bad week with no exercise and bad eating...I managed to maintain at 169 - Whew.....but I still need my mojo.

CC got back from vacation and while texting back and forth she sent me a photo of her son and me at his high school graduation with the message "Look how far you've come."  I'll admit, I was very HUGE in that photo; and I replied with a "Thanks I needed that" and told her I had managed to maintain at 169.  She gave me a good job; I replied "Not good when my lifetime weight is 146".  She then replied with the best advice anyone could of given me at this no mojo time:

"Concentrate on the future, not the past."

No truer words could be spoken.  I think anyone that has lost a lot of weight only to regain a portion or all back, falls into that mindset: "How'd I let this happen."  "It will be harder to lose this time." "I'll never see that weight again."  It puts you in a negative mind set and well you lose your mojo.

So how does that mojo come back??  Well for me, it helps that I have CC to lean on.  She reads the blog, we share everything, so she knows when I need that mind push and she said it with the above.

So what are the positives I've done?  First, I joined Weight Watchers Online to get thru some weeks.  If I'm successful online, I may continue with that.  If I'm not, I'll go back to meetings - no ands, ifs, or buts.  I may try a different meeting time and leader though - mix things up a little.  Two, one positive thing I have done this summer was to join a gym-something I never thought I'd do.  Three, I'm on the ball with water today, have really lacked in that area.  Four- I've got the support of CC.  So the big 4's I've got - Weight Watchers, Exercise, Water and CC.

I can't change the past, but I can move forward and change the future!