This & That

So this mornings weigh-in was 169.8 - a 1.2 increase from Wednesdays.  I'm not overly concerned about it as I know Sundays are the "official weight" plus last night was a Rutter's and popcorn night so I expected as much.  CC and I may have to relook at that for right now.  But anyway Sunday will be the real measure of success.

Tomorrow me, CC and a few others are heading to DC.  This will be a food worry day as well.  We're meeting at Montezuma's for lunch.  It's a local Mexican wise I normally get their "special" which consists of grilled chicken & onions, sided with refried beans and rice.  I'll forgo the tortillas that come with it.  It's those damn Nacho chips that are the killer....need to remember moderation.  I think we've decided on the Macaroni Grill for dinner on the way home.  I've been looking at their menu and even the healthier stuff has high point values!!!  Will be using up those weekly points for sure!