There Were NO Dancing Cowboys!

No Dancing Cowboys - can you believe it????????

We were however honored with the presence of Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame - I swear she hasn't aged a bit:

Some group shots:

Some parade shots:

This year was the first we had to ever stand behind barricades; so as the people in the parade threw candy, beads and other things - a lot didn't make it to the crowds.  Fortunately their was a volunteer working in our area and he picked up a lot for us!

Of course you can't have an event such as this without some moron preaching at you.  I thought we should all go over and sing "Jesus Loves Me"...but couldn't get anyone to go with me!

For those wondering why I attend this event when I'm not gay...well one I do it in support of my friends and relatives that are; and two, well it's just so much fun!!