Sometimes You Just Have A Good Day!

It's been a rough week.  I've been dealing with a bad cold/sore throat/flu type thingy for over a week.  By Thursday I was feeling 100% better, but still not 100%.  So my eating habits have been all over the place, from no appetite, to wanting to eat, to somewhere in-between.  My bet is a gain tomorrow morning from all of this.

I've been looking for cat to name Tobias preferably a black or black/white one.  One of the local shelters just happened to have a black/white one named Tobias!  What are the chances, right?  I stopped in but Tobias just didn't seem to be the fit I was looking for, HOWEVER, I came across a calico that I clicked with.  Waited a day or two then decided to go ahead.  Though female, I decided to name her Maebee (yes, I'm an Arrested Development fan - you should be too!)....I called Kim at the shelter to check to make sure she was still available.  She was, filled out the online application and 10 minutes later got a call telling me another application had beaten me!  Yep, that quickly!  Stopped in again after work, but didn't have a "click" with any other cat.

Today I stopped by the shelter in my hometown to have a look.  I immediately started looking at all the calico's figuring I'd find a Maebee.  Some beautiful cats....but still undecided.  I did "click" with one but it said he'd be better off in a home with no other cats, so that became a no-go.  But no rush...

But today was a very good day!  I got up and decided to go to some yard sales.  I was heading across town to a "community" one (that was a totally flop since 95% of the community didn't participate) when I noticed a yard sale/craft show set up at the Y.  After the disastrous community one, and the trip to the Humane Society, I stopped at the Y.

I'm walking down past some of the tables, when a little further down...something caught my eye!  There in the midst of children's clothes was a pile of handbags (I have a weakness for pocketbooks)...but it wasn't just handbags that caught my eye, it was that one was a very shiny dark brown and I knew from a distance it was a Beijo.

Beijo Bags are FABULOUS.  They come in all shapes and sizes and no matter which size you get they are very roomy and I can't praise them enough!!  I own The Diva in chocolate and can't sing its praises enough.  Beijo's are going to run you about $100 plus - but they are worth it and so much cheaper than a Coach bag (and better quality IMO).  These bags are sold in the same way that Longaberger, 31 Bags, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc.. are sold - home parties and/or craft shows.

Anyway, I beeline right to the shiny dark object and sure enough, as expected, it's a Beijo!  I then noticed there are 4 more in various shapes and sizes.  So I asked the obvious - how much are your purses?  The answer - "Well those particular ones I want $2.00 each."  JACK POT!!  One was a diaper bag actually so I didn't get that one.  But I bought the other 4 - over $400 in purses for $8.00!!!  I did my little happy dance!!  Had to call CC immediately and tell her and she was all jealous because she had just been there and never saw them!!

Brought them home got out the rubbing alcohol to take off the scuff marks, then sprayed them with Windex and shined them up (yep, that's how you clean them), they look good as new:

The pink one is the "Sleek Transition" (though they don't sell it in this color anymore); the beige one "The Uptown", the green one is "Over The Moon" and the dark brown one that grabbed my attention must be a discontinued one as I can't find it on the website, but a good find none-the-less.

So it's been a good day!!