I Need To Lose Weight FAST

No, I don't....but most people see it that way.

For like 4 days I belonged to a Weight Loss group on FaceBook.  It wasn't one particular diet, but they had a lot of good recipes and it seemed it was worth the join.  I met some Weight Watcher members there and just chose to ignore the people who were plucking everyone's nerves.

The person who this group belonged to, sells a weight loss product pill.  You don't have to be taking the pill to join the group nor does she push on you, however........

It was the posts regarding the product that began to bother me.  The pill itself is "all natural" and contains no stimulants.  You're supposed to take 2 a half hour before a meal with plenty of water and it expands in your stomach so you eat much less.  IMO, the price of these suckers are a shocker and though there is a money back guarantee, I don't know how anyone can afford them long term.

What was bothering me most wasn't the photos of headless people's before/after shots (why are they headless?  steal them from a site that has nothing to do with the pill?) but more of the fact that the woman was claiming they also CURE EVERYTHING!!  When she started posting about it, she listed a few ailments she had that went away after use of this pill (these particular ailments normally do go away with weight loss).  As others began to ask questions, most asking " I have <insert ailment, disease here>is it safe to use with that?"  She would always claim "yes" and mention that there have been reports of it helping people with that particular ailment, disease.  I then noticed her own list of ailments that were cured began to get larger.  Wow!  This woman suffered from EVERYTHING and it was all cured with an all natural diet pill.

That's when I left.  If it helps with weight loss fine; but don't give out medical advice and false hope.  It's the one bad thing about all natural products, they aren't regulated by the FDA so they can claim the product does whatever it wants.  Yes, I know the FDA approves a lot of things that aren't healthy, but at least those things do contain a warning label on them so you know what you are getting into.

I've done some research online on this pill, the reviews are about even: some love it, some lost weight, some got off meds, and some it did nothing for and felt it was a waste of money, etc....  Nothing consistent.

I say save your money; a half hour before a meal drink 2 glasses of water....trust me, you'll eat less.