Zip List

Spunky Suzi introduced me to the website Zip List.  I'm all for making things easy, especially in the dieting world..this site works well for dieters and non-dieters alike.

Zip List does many things, but two of the best is it Recipes and Groceries lists.  Once you sign up, you can drag an icon onto your task bar and whenever you visit a site that has a recipe you want to keep, you just click the icon and it puts it in you account for future reference!!  No more searching and searching for where you saw that recipe - it will be in your account (and if it's a flop, you can delete it easily - lol).  You can also create your own recipes - it's a one stop shop.

Want to make one of those recipes?  Add it to your grocery list and all the items needed will show up there! You can add and delete items to it as well.  Even better???  They have a phone app, so no printing the grocery list, it will be right there on your phone!  And yes, you can still print it if you'd like.

This is a very useful site, so pop over and take a look!


  1. I still love ziplist! Definitely makes finding recipes so much easier. Glad you tried it :)


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