Phase II

This evening I braved the thunderstorms and headed to Planet Fitness all by my lonesome for my appointment with Barry, who is the personal trainer.

CC and I have been doing the 30 minute circuit and then cardio; but we wanted some personalization.  Barry's the only personal trainer there and our appointments were made when we joined 2 weeks ago - he's very very busy.

Anyway I got there just in time and Barry and I sat down for my 15 minute appointment.

He went through my medical history and then asked me what I wanted.

I explained my weight loss through Weight Watchers, my 20 lb. gain back and how I would like to lose that 20 lbs. again plus tone up some of the saggy fat in the waist/stomach area.

Barry tells me if I follow his exercise plan and totally commit myself back to Weight Watchers, that 20 lbs. will be gone in 3 mos.!  WOW!!

So I'm totally committing myself back.  I'll be happy if 10 lbs. go away.

So Phase II is in full swing!