Oh Yes I Did!!

Last night I joined a gym with CC!!

We walked into Planet Fitness In Chambersburg, PA and signed up!

That wasn't the initial plan......

I had called her earlier, left a message that I thought we should stop by the gym while we were up that way as they had a little special going on that the joiners fee was only $10.00 and that ENTIRE $10.00 would go to Breast Cancer Awareness; monthly fee varied depending on the plan you chose, either $10.00/month or $20.00/month.  She totally ignored my message at first; then called back later with a "Oh aren't you the funny girl" speech.  She did the same thing to me when I first mentioned Weight Watchers...anyway we ventured up to the gym.

The parking lot was PACKED; which was rather a turn off since this would be the time we'd normally be there; however once inside it didn't look nearly as crowded and there was plenty of unused equipment available.  We stopped at the desk and while we waited on a tour guide, glanced around.  I looked for several things that are important to me:

1.  Is it clean/welcoming?  It obviously was, no broken down equipment, brightly lit, calming colors.  Nothing blasting at you.

2.  Plenty of staff?  Yep, there were many; nothing can be worse then never being able to find a staff person.

3.  Clientele.  Who's in the gym?  It was my kind of people.  Nothing is more intimidating to me then trying to work out with those perfectly shaped size 0 women or body builders.  Nope, these were people just like me!

"Maria" gave us a very nice tour - explaining the different areas and equipment.  The differences between the plans (the $20.00/month gives you unlimited access to tanning, massage bed/chairs, red light therapy, you can bring a guest each time, etc.).  Needless to say we were impressed with the whole place.  "Maria" passed us off to the young man at the desk for pricing and such and to answer any additional questions we had.  There was no pressure what-so-ever when we told him we needed to sit down and discuss what we wanted to do.  We sat at a table and to my surprise CC had gone from "Aren't you the funny girl" to "I want the $20.00/month plan" - LOL!!  So we chose that plan mostly because of an interest in red light therapy and the massage bed/chairs (we'll never use tanning, blah).

So exercise is my next "weight loss" phase!!