Long Holiday Weekend

I had a long weekend......  one because we had a holiday thus lengthening the weekend an additional day, plus I took Friday off and made it a 4 dayer!!

But it was exhausting....

I had decided that my rabbit Olivia wasn't getting the attention she should be getting and thus found her a new home with a co-worker.  It's rather bittersweet, I miss her so much; but I knew it was for the best.  Sad for me but best for her.  So far she is adjusting well to her new home.

Our dining room had somewhat become the rabbit/turtle/computer room.  Our house is very small and what is considered the dining room really isn't functional as a dining room; though it would make a nice sitting room.  With Olivia now gone, I decided I wanted my huge desk from the upstairs brought down (we've kind of been changing the upstairs to just storage mostly because of the low ceiling and the fact that there is no heat/ac up there, though when we had guinea pigs we used space heaters and window ac).  The desk has 2 sides that attach together with a corner unit.  We knew the desk wouldn't fit with the corner unit; but measure showed we could "L" shape it.....well, kind of....

We brought the shorter pieced down and placed it along the shorter wall.  I moved all my computer stuff over on it.  We then brought down the larger piece.  We hadn't thought about the width of the desks.  The minute they were together it was obvious this wasn't going to work as the larger desk was now blocking the computer.  We moved things around several ways.  I finally decided on the larger piece running down the shorter wall (it just fits) and placed the computer on the end (rather than centering).  So now the shorter piece becomes the "arm" giving me work space.  Much more workable this way!  But the upstairs?  What a mess!!

Moving heavy furniture is exhausting!