The Walking Dead - Season 3 Finale ****SPOILERS****

I won’t lie – I’m a HUGE Walking Dead fan.  I LIVE for Sunday nights when this show is on – lol!!

I also read the comics (thanks to Polt) and am so very glad that the tv show has chosen not to follow the comics exactly – I mean, it would be too much spoilers!  This way, I get the best of both worlds.

Let’s talk Season Finale……(there will be spoilers – so you are warned):

The season finale was uneventful really, I kept waiting for something BIG to happen and it really didn’t.  It was more like one of the regular shows; at the time I was hugely disappointed.

I’ve watched the Season Finale 3 times and with each watching I get a little more out of it.  Like I said, the first watching I was disappointed….the next one not so much…and as I watched it again yesterday (I was putting it on dvd for my one sister) I realized it actually was a good episode.

All season, we were waiting for the showdown between Rick’s group and The Governor’s.  It happened, but not to the effect we were expecting.  We then see The Governor go into melt down mode with his own people and totally lose it; he then heads off with his two henchman and we don’t see him again.  Yes, The Governor lives – he’ll be back.  We know The Governor didn’t go back to Woodbury; we don’t know where he went.  I’ve seen many questioning why he wouldn’t return to Woodbury; my question is “why would he”?  There’s nothing left for him there as he killed any of his people that can help protect the town; all that is left are children and the elderly – they serve no purpose to him; there was no reason to return.

Through the whole season we watched Rick go from dictator, to psycho and now back to normal.  Rick took control at the end of last season, then went nuts when Lori died, then back to normal the last episode.  What brought him there?  With Andrea’s death I think he realized that you can’t do it all yourself and you need people to survive – not just those that can help fight, but the companionship and the caring for each other.  You need to learn to trust again, you need to start living normal again.

The series ended on a more calmer note than in previous seasons.   Rick's group chose to bring the people that were left behind in Woodbury to the prison to live with them, we see walkers in the fields, we see a cross which I'm sure indicated Andrea's grave; in her death two groups came together


  1. Interesting take on the Governor's motives...something I hadn't considered. I'm still pretty meh about the TV series, although i DO watch it every week and bitch about it there must be SOMETHING bringing me back. :)

    Oh, and you're welcome for the books. :)



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