I Have A Weight Watchers Headache.....

Believe it or not, WW did respond to my email regarding the bad activation code....this is what I got:

Thank you for contacting WeightWatchers.com.

We are sorry that you are receiving a code invalid error message during sign-up. From our experience there are several reasons why this can happen.

First, please make sure you are on the Weight Watchers Lifetime eTools sign up page at http://weightwatchers.com/lifetimeetools. If the code still does not work when used on this page, it's possible:

1.   The code is being entered incorrectly. Please make sure you enter the code exactly as it is written on your free eTools Voucher and that you are entering the code in the corresponding boxes on the sign up page.  Do not include additional characters, spaces, hyphens, etc.

2.   The code has either expired or was already used to establish an account. Once a code is used it cannot be used again.  If you are eligible for another eight weeks of Weight Watchers Lifetime eTools FREE, please be sure your Meetings leader or receptionist gives you a new voucher.
Note: On some browsers the input fields may appear too small to fit all numbers, but they will register correctly when you proceed.  Be sure to type them in correctly for each corresponding field.

If you are still unable to sign up for your FREE Lifetime eTools, please reply directly to this e-mail and provide us with the code from your free Lifetime eTools Voucher so that we may test it from this end.

Of course, naturally I'm an idiot that doesn't know how to input a code!  Doesn't matter that I copied and pasted it there!  Also, never once was I looking for a code for FREE eTools...I'm over goal and therefore not entitled to it!  See the minute I mentioned Lifetime, they got all confused.  So I spelled it out for them:

The code does not work.  I am not trying to get FREE e-tools.  I AM a Lifetime member that can only get to meetings once or twice a month.  Because I am over goal I pay the meeting fee, however, I still would like to have e-tools.  Your website said I could get e-tools at $14.95/month (which I have no problem with) - when I asked about this at a meeting, they told me they knew nothing about this and that there was no such thing; the only way to get e-tools is with a monthly pass (which at present is no use to me).  I went back to the website and it told me I could get a code by faxing my weight card, etc.. and I would receive an email with a code - which I did.  I received the following code from Bethany on April 24, 2013 (#5577785):


I copied and pasted this code (so I know it's going in correctly).  I get a red x and a red message that says:  This code has already been used.  It did that the very first time I used it.  I've tried several attempts and always get the same message.

So imagine my surprise that on a Sunday, I received a response (and to no surprise something that doesn't help):

Thank you for contacting WeightWatchers.com.

The Access Code you provided has either expired or already been used to establish a free eTools account. If you are a Lifetime member who has maintained their weight within 2lbs of your goal weight, please speak with your Weight Watchers® Meetings Leader or Receptionist about receiving a new voucher.

So once again we're back at that free eTools thing and asking for a voucher at the meeting (we know how well that worked)!  Did he not read that the expired number came from someone at their office???  So I replied back stating that I wasn't looking for free eTools, I was a Lifetimer over goal who just wanted to keep their eTools and prior to the Free stuff starting I was able to do so at a monthly cost.

I think I'm going to fax them info tomorrow with the screenshots from their website.

Sunday Morning Headache.


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