This & That

The weather continues to be weird....sunshine, snow, wind, snow, sunshine, wind.....  I could deal with almost anything but cold wind is such a downer.

Food wise, everything went pretty well today.  My breakfast wrap was excellent but it was way more food than I like to eat in the morning; I had to force it down.  I've decided tomorrow to go with the cereal in the morning; dinner leftovers for lunch and whatever Chris and I get into for dinner.  But I'm still within my calories and point range!

I've been meaning to mention this site but have gotten sidetracked.  I came across Dashing Dish while on another blog and she has some great recipes on there.  She also offers some paid areas of the site so spend sometime and look around.  I can't wait to try some of the smoothies!

Roni of various websites had posted some Yogurt topping recipes a few weeks back that I'm dying to try.  You can check them out here:  Yogurt Topping Ideas.  I also just came across this site:  The Kitchn and she has some awesome recipes for meals in a jar:  Make Your Own Yogurt for example.  The site is worth several looks!

Keyser is doing much better and is almost back to normal.  He still needs to be confined away from Toby and Lucy when we aren't at home (and we'll probably have to continue that for a while) but he doesn't seem to mind that at all.  Really need to watch that we don't have another occurrence.