I'm A Weight Watchers Drop Out

Well....kind of.  I'm Lifetime, I'm over goal and the scale is just not moving.  The Weight Watchers meetings are geared for newbies and they do me no good.  So I've cancelled my monthly pass and decided to just pop in once a month for my lifetimer monthly weigh-in.  If I have to pay them $13 for being over goal that is fine.  $13 over $43 (monthly pass cost) is the winner in my book!

I AM however still using My Fitness Pal with the Weight Watcher points column. I like that app better than I do the WW one anyway.  CC and I are also going to look into exercising options; I'm thinking that may help get me out of the weight loss plateau (and I can't afford both WW and a gym cost).  Guess it's also time to blow the dust off that Wii Fit!

In other news....My Keyser isn't well.  He's slipped a disk or some other type of injury near his hips and is on bed rest and pain killers plus he has a yeast infection in his ear!!  Poor baby.  Have no idea what happened to him - he was fine one minute and bad the next (well maybe not quite that quickly, but you understand the scenario).  Praying for swift, not painful recovery.

And as we get older, we know we attend more funerals.  A retired co-worker of mine died this week (he's been sick for a while) and I attended his funeral on Friday.  It's always sad to lose a friend.  He had a dog that was the center of he and his wife's world.  The dog died the day before he did (they didn't tell him).  The dog was cremated and buried with him.  I know that made him happy!  R.I.P. Terry.