Ho Hum....

Is winter over yet????

I hate the cold weather, we keep jumping from decent weather to cold weather.  I want the decent weather to come and stay and get better.

Weight loss - I've lost OUNCES...which is very frustrating.  I know a loss is a loss, but I need a little more to keep me motivated.

Still love using My Fitness Pal.  Some at work are using it also.  It seems that 1300 calories (my allotted amount) equals about 27-32 points depending on what I'm eating.  So it is giving me an education in worthwhile calories and bad ones.

I didn't weigh-in this week, because I had a few bad days and couldn't face the scale.  My own fault, but it does get hard.  Lunches are killing me, I need to find some worthwhile ones.