I can eat cereal again!!!!

Okay, well I've always been able to eat cereal but it's so high in points for such a little amount that it never seemed worth using the points for.  But now that I'm looking more at calories and less at points...I can eat cereal again and not for guilty.

Today lunch was at El Ranchero where I get the Pollo Assado (or something like that).  It consists of grilled chicken topped with grilled onions with a side of spanish rice and a side of refried beans.  You also get 2 tortilla wraps.  I brought my wraps and a co-workers home to use for breakfast.

The idea comes from Danica's Daily.  She makes a Healthy Egg Roll for breakfast.  I really don't care for corn tortillas and I don't care for cheese on a sandwich...so I've decided to take a leftover tortilla wrap from lunch today and fill it with sauteed mushrooms and onions and 1 egg with 1 egg white and roll it all together!! I do plan on "frying" the tortilla like she does.  I'm getting hungry for it just writing about it!

Lunch will be CEREAL.  Bite size frosted mini wheats (1 cup) with 1 cup of skim milk and a banana.  An orange and cheese stick for a snack and round up dinner with baked chicken, baked potato and pineapple.

Sounds good.