This & That

I walked the dogs tonight and realized it is warmer out now then it was when I walked them around 5:30.  I don't mind a chill in the air, but I do hate when it gets very cold and the high winds kick in.  That seems to be the weather these days - extremely cold with high winds or cool and sunny.  I'll take the cool and sunny.

I've been using My Fitness Pal for several days now and am very pleased.  I like that the bar code scanner actually scans quickly and the item is in the data base (the WW one is slow and most things aren't there).  I like I can hop on my computer and see the point value of what I am eating.  It can be an eye opening experience.

MFP is giving me 1300 calories a day; I've had a day or two a little over and a day or two a little under; for the most part though I'm around the 1300.  Those 1300 have been coming out between 29-33 points a day; more points then my allowed WW daily value of 26.  Since "the experts" say you should not eat under 1200 calories a day - I'm beginning to wonder if WW is not giving enough points; perhaps they would do better to increase the dailies and decrease the weeklies.  However, the true test will be Thursday when I weigh in; then we'll see which amount of points is working.

I've checked Spark People and they recommend I eat between 1200-1550 calories a day; Lose It gives me a daily calorie budget of 1438.  So they all are rather consistent in the calorie range.  So we will see.