My Fitness Pal

I recently took a look at the website My Fitness Pal.  This is free weight loss site for tracking food and exercise.  It's easy to use and also offers a mobile app.

While going through their community forums, I came across some posts regarding tracking weight watcher points with my fitness pal (MFP).  If you have the Mozilla Firefox web browser, there is an user script you can add that will add a column at MFP for WW pts.  Great, huh?

It actually is!  The script is old pts, but you just go in, edit 2 lines and TA-DA - you have the points plus.  (You can also get this script to work on Google Chrome, however, I cannot find where to edit the script so you can only use the old point system).  My fitbit also will sync with this site...making it doubly great! (FYI: script doesn't work with the mobile app).

There are some adjustments you need to watch for - those fruits will show point values (remember fruits are only 0 pts because WW tells you to count them that way); I worked around this by not choosing the fruit from the database; I add my own giving everything a zero value (though I do put the calories in - found that info on the database) and the fruit comes out at 0 pts.  MFP is designed to follow calories, so that's why I left that in there - will be nice to see how those points add up calorie wise.

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT giving up on WW.  I think WW is a great program and I would have no successful weight loss without them (I tried many other programs - WW worked); but I also know at some point and time I'll need to stop paying - it just gets expensive.  I'm hoping to get back to my goal and maintain it this time around!

That being said, there are many on the MFP boards that are doing WW also; but along with those are the ones that bash the program because they could never get it to work for them or that WW endorses unhealthy eating.  I'm here to say - Nothing could be further from the truth.

Weight Watchers is going to be what  you make out of it.  If you're not going to take the time to read through the program material (or sit through the starter sessions at meetings), WW will never work for you.  If you think 0 pts means eat all that you want - WW will never work for you.  If you have a bad leader - WW will never work for you.  If you're just going to complain about the price - WW will never work for you.  If you refuse to try new things or choose the healthy option over the unhealthy one - WW will never work for you.  You get the picture - get your mind there, the rest will follow.  But my biggest grip with the naysayers is "If you don't like WW - why are you on this thread?????"  I mean seriously, find your own thread!

But MFP is a great site - check it out!