Moving Forward....

I meant to mention yesterday that in that 1300 calories that My Fitness Pal has allotted me; that does include calories for fruits and veggies; where my point value is still showing fruit and the allowed veggies at 0 pts.

I am so enjoying this app!  This morning I bar scanned a Smart Ones pizza - it popped right up on the MFP database...this same pizza does not exist on the Weight Watcher database!!  Amazing isn't it???

Again, I'm not knocking Weight Watchers, but I find that the easier the tool - the easier it is for me!  I've loaded Mozilla Foxfire on both my home and work computers and downloaded the script to give me a WW point column.  Since those are the places I'm at the most - I can always access to view the point values.  It would be nice if the phone app could show that, but I won't go too crazy over that.  I am still inputting in the WW database as well; mostly because I'm paying for it.  I think I'll give them one more month of full pay; then I'm just going to monthly weigh-ins as a lifetimer.  CC and I can do other weekly weigh-ins together.

But I'm really doing well this week and will be excited to see my weight this week (or maybe I won't want to, but time will tell).


  1. It amazes me that with all the money Weight Watchers makes that they don't have a better app. I love MFP app it has scanned everything I've tried so far and very fast and accurate.


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