So hubby opened the refrigerator for the first time and said:

"Great, you went to the store; I'm going to make a sandwich."

Hmmmmmm....... do men not pay attention to how things look????

CC finds the whole refrigerator thing funny.....she should be glad I'm not posting photos of HERS here-lol!

Anyway, I  managed a 2 oz. loss this past week; I'm finding my weigh-ins rather odd:  3 weigh-ins ago I had a 2 lb. gain - which was odd since I was pretty much on plan every day; the next week I had a 1.6 lb. loss - CC had taken me out to dinner for my birthday the night before and we ate buffet, can't figure out how I got a loss; this week was a 2 oz. loss.  I'll take all the losses I can get; I just wish I could figure out an eating pattern that will work.

Today I'm heading to lunch with two of my sisters and a cousin.  Should be very relaxing.

And tomorrow The Walking Dead returns - I'm so very excited!!


  1. I've been meaning to ask you...are you keeping up with House of Cards? It's that new series on Netflix, I think with Kevin Spacey. I thought for sure I'd see posts here about it :-)

    1. I know, my blog has been lacking that "little bit of Kevin Spacey" part; but Yes, I have been watching that and it is excellent! Each episode gets better than the last, I'm at episode 9 - have been trying to stretch it out a bit!


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