You Thought I Disappeared Didn't You?

Well I kind of did!!

If you're still following your lifestyle change (aka: diet) then you need to be able to eat some good tasting food.  Being a Weight Watchers person I like to look at the following websites:

Skinny Taste  If you mention this one at a meeting, most people will have heard of it.  It is loaded with recipes, you'll never get through the whole site.  Watch the older recipes for points plus values (it may only have the old point value).

Emily Bites  Another one that is becoming a favorite out there.  I've made several of her recipes.

Green Lite Bites Most haven't heard of this one which I find odd as it was the first site I came across.  I've made many of her recipes and all have been fabulous.  Again watch the point values so you aren't calculating the old point system.

The Yummy Life One I came across this past year.  Love the refrigerator oatmeal!  Wasn't fond of the fruit flavored water or some type of muffin I made.

Hungry Girl There's a website, there's cookbooks, there's even a tv show!  Can't beat Hungry Girl - again watch for old point values.

Danicas Daily Love this site!  Lots of recipes and just seeing her daily meals gives you tons of ideas.

Obviously you don't have to be on Weight Watchers to try the recipes at these sites.  They are designed to be "healthy".