Weight Watchers 360

Regardless which weight loss program you've chosen, my pick is Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers has gone through lots of changes through the years.  Those there from the beginning will tell you about having to eat liver once a week, fish once a week etc.  They told you the foods to eat.  Just to get a peek of what this program offered, check out CandyBoots and view the old Weight Watcher recipes cards - you'll laugh and be so very glad this program changed.

In 1989 they introduced an exchange based program - you know, so many dairy exchanges, so many veggie exchanges, etc..  Worked for many.

There were other changes through the years, but the biggest change came in 1997 when they introduced the first point based plan.  The program name changed every year with minor tweeks, but the way you calculated your points using fat, fiber, and calories did not.

At the end of 2010, Weight Watchers presented their biggest re-vamp since 1998 - Points Plus.  Your food still had a point value but the calculation changed drastically - fat, fiber, carbs and protein.  The gear was to make you choose healthier options; but like the old point system they do make some minor tweeks each year.

This year Weight Watchers presented 360.  Just so you know, the way you calculate your points plus has not changed - it is still fat, fiber, carbs and protein.  But 360 give everything a new look (they need to attract new members and re-excite the current ones remember).  360's goals is to get you set into healthier routines - thus bringing everything a full circle.

I only do this as a posting as I'm seeing on many boards people questioning what the new program is (apparently they don't bother reading through the other threads) and they seem to be under the assumption that every year Weight Watchers changes its plan drastically and are questioning how points are now calculated.

The Points Plus plan name has changed, nothing else.