Water, Water, Water!!

Because I'm starting anew with Weight Watchers, you're going to see a lot of "dieting" type posts this month.  It keeps me excited and motivated and I hope it may help someone else struggling a long.

The last post listed 4 important tools you needed for weight loss - Your mind in weight loss mode, a plan, a tracker and some buddies.  I wanted to add that if you are not the online/app type of person - buy yourself a notebook that will fit in your purse/pocket and write things down.  The old way can still help you a long!

You can dive right in to weight loss or you can make changes a little at a time.  If you've visited Bringing Healthy Back In 2013 on FaceBook, you'll notice the one common thing most of us want to do is drink more water.

Let's talk water.  On Weight Watchers they say you should have 6 servings of liquid a day.  You read that correctly, LIQUID not water.  Though water is the preferred choice, ANY liquid counts and remember some of those liquids may have a points plus value to them.

Let's talk Weight Watchers for a moment.  6 liquids makes sense on the old plan because - you're given a point target and you eat/drink to that target.  You lose weight, end of story.  But with the introduction of the Points Plus program in 2011, that concept doesn't make sense to me.  Let me explain:

Points Plus wasn't just one of the yearly changes or enhancements made to the program - Points Plus was a totally different program.  Yes, all foods still had a point value, but how those points were calculated totally changed and the whole program geared towards making healthier choices.  For example - on the old plan if I were looking for a snack I could have a 100 calorie pack for 3 points or a banana for 3 points - hmmmmmm...which am I going to chose?  The 100 calorie pack every time!  On Points Plus that snacky pack is going to cost me 3 points but that banana is going to cost me 0; I'm going to choose the banana and use those 3 points elsewhere!  See?  That snacky pack is not as point worthy as it use to be!  So the programs goal isn't just for weight loss but for eating healthy as well.

So there is no way you're going to tell me that a diet soda (0) and water (0) are the same thing, nor can you tell me that my body processes them in the same way.  So it's the one thing about Weight Watchers that I just think they don't have right - they need to make those 6 liquids water - water is always the healthier choice!

I am totally a diet soda-holic; that is all I would drink if I could get away with it and I have been doing that for a while.  There is nothing in a diet soda that my body needs or wants - so drinking more water is one of my healthier choices goals.  I'm one of the lucky ones, I can actually drink water (some people just hate it) and I've been faithfully drinking water since January 1st - 6 of them to meet the Weight Watchers requirements.  I have my outlook calendar notify me every two hours at work; when that notice pops up I get up and drink a cup or two of water.  I have a cup that I've put a measure line on it at 8 oz., I fill the cup to that level.  Some people like to fill a huge container and sip on it all day, I've tried that and it just looks too overwhelming, smaller works better for me.  And don't get me wrong, I still have coffee and diet soda - but just not as much; and no diet soda until I've had my 6 servings of water!

But water can be struggle for a lot of people.  I suggest you find how you like water....room temperature, cold, over ice....but if you're really struggling don't forget the flavored waters out there (just watch for added sugar and such).  One of the things I'd like to try is this:  Naturally Flavored Water.  Good idea, healthy and if you aren't into the mason jar thing - you can actually buy fruit infusion pitchers!  The tools are out there, so use them!

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So now - you have your mind, a plan, a tracker, buddies and water!  5 steps to success!!