Starting Fresh!

Starting fresh at the beginning of the year with the serious weight loss brain in the right frame of mind!

Whenever someone asks me what's the number one thing to successful weight loss, I tell them "Your mind has to be in the right place."  It is very easy to say "I want to lose weight." "I need to lose weight."  I said it for years - but I never did it.  For some people that moment may come after a certain event that happens in their life or like me, you just wake up when morning and say "I'm going to do it this time" and your brain says "Okay, I'm right there with you."  Because if your mind isn't where it needs to be, it won't happen.

So you're mind is with you...what else do I need for success?  TOOLS!  Okay, not a hammer or screwdriver; but some weight loss tools to get you going.

If you don't have a weight loss plan; it may be best to find one to follow.  Ask your doctor what he thinks you should do (you did check with him/her before starting right?).  There are many many plans out there and my side bar has many.  Some are free, some are not.  My plan of choice is Weight Watchers - I've been successful with it, CC's been successful with it, a few people I work with have as well; but I do know it doesn't suit everyone.  But a tool you should use with EVERY weight loss program is a Food Diary.  Write down everything that is going in your mouth - it is the number one way to stay accountable.  My side bar has online plans that have online tracking and phone app tracking.  IMO - I recommend the following (because I've used them):

My Fitness Pal
Spark People
Lose It

Both offer apps so that you can take your tracker right with you.  If you own a FitBit, FitBit has it's own website and app; also the FitBit will sync with the Lose It site.

So you got your mind, you got your tracker - what else do I need?  How about a fitness buddy?  It can be an online person or group if none of your friends/family are in weight loss mode.  Kim started a page on FaceBook that everyone is sharing at - you do need to be a FB member to access, but please come join us at Bringing Healthy Back In 2013.  Spark People and Lose It have communities as well and most others do also.  So look around.

So you got your Mind, Plan, Tracker and Buddies....You are off to a good start!