So I'm a Lifetime Member, Now What?

If you're a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member and are within 2 pounds of your goal weight at your weigh-in you will get a code to get e-tools for free.  As a lifetime member you never have to pay joiners fees again and as a lifetime member within 2 pounds of your goal weight you don't have to pay meeting fees.

The above is all that you get as a Lifetime Member.

The free e-tools is nice (if you use it), but seriously all that work and now they basically send you out the door.  And they do.

I realize that Weight Watchers is a business first and foremost and as a business their goal is to make money, but I think there should be a little more support for their members that are trying to maintain.

2 pounds of goal isn't really a lot of lead way - it's downright hard.  5 pounds within goal would make much more sense.  But probably my biggest issue is all the "little" rules that are out there.  Here's what my little pocket guide says:

As a Lifetime Member, you'll never pay a registration fee, and as long as you weigh in monthly within two pounds of your defined ultimate weight goal, meetings are free of charge.  We'll continue to reward you-with stickers and additional charms-for continued attendance within two pounds of your weight goal.

I'm way over my weight goal, so I have no issues paying for my monthly pass and doing weekly weigh-ins again; so it's almost like not being lifetime at all; but we had a little issue this week that left us confused.

CC is lifetime and weighs in once a month.  I only think she has ever had to pay once or twice for being more than 2 lbs. over goal and it really wasn't by a whole lot.  But for the most part, we go to meetings and she chooses a week during the month to weigh-in which can vary depending on when she feels comfortable in doing it and our leader nor our regular receptionists have ever questioned when she weighed in.  The past 2 weeks, we've had the leader from another day filling in as a receptionist because things have been really busy.  When CC approached him this week to pick up her weekly, he immediately went into the "we must follow policy EXACTLY" mode.  Apparently that part that reads:  "you weigh in monthly" really means "that you must weigh-in on the very first meeting you attend in a month"....she was planning on weighing in next week; he didn't seem to like this AT ALL.  Anyway, he didn't make her weigh in, but he did hand her a pamphlet with all the rules.  Sigh.........  Do you realize how delusional you can make a person with all these rules?  It kind of makes you want to eat!



  1. That's what I found. I got to lifetime and then it just felt like there wasn't as much support!


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