It's Sunday.....

So yesterday's menu consisted of:

Baked Oatmeal...7 pt+
Banana...0 pt+
Chicken Breast...5 pt+
Bird's Eye Veggies...2 pt+
Snack Cheese...2 pt+
Orange...0 pt+
Peanuts...4 pt+
Coke Slurpee...8 pt+

It took all my dailies plus 2 weeklies; and again I realize it wasn't the healthiest eating but I'm fighting off a cold and my appetite sucks...but when I have a cold, I WANT that coke slurpee-lol!

But anyway, I did get some fruits and veggies in and that has to count for something.

I've been reading on a lot of blogs and sites about Baked Oatmeal and I do really enjoy it; but I don't like the 7 pt+ that comes with it.  So I came up with my own version that lowers it by 2 pt+:

1/3 cup Quick Oats....2 pt+ (this was the tweak; 1/2 cup will cost you 4 pt+)
1 egg white...0 pt+
1 tsp cinnamon...0 pt+
1 tsp baking powder...0 pt+
2 packs splenda...0 pt+
1/4 cup skim milk...1 pt+
1/4 cup frozen berries...0 pt+
1 TB semi-sweet chocolate chips...2 pt+

Combine all dry ingredients, then add milk and mix.  Top with the berries and chocolate chips; bake at 350 for 25 minutes.

The original recipe also calls for 1/4 cup of water - add that if you're using fresh fruit; but frozen fruit as it bakes will melt some liquid into it.  If you prefer your oatmeal runnier - than add the 1/4 cup of water regardless.  I may try a version of this adding pumpkin to it, as you can tell it is very adaptable to whatever you like.  Obviously the chocolate chips are an added bonus and can be left out completely (which will save you some points as well).

I came across this on FaceBook:

That is so very true and it goes for your cupboards as well!  I know that can be hard when you have a family; I have a husband who can eat anything and as much as he wants and never gain an ounce, but if he wants snacky stuff - he buys it himself and fortunately he loves most of the meals I cook for us.