I'm Struggling....

I'm really struggling with the weight loss thing AGAIN; last week I was down 1.6, this week I was up 2!  I know a lot of times it depends on what I was eating during the day; and I had been eating some heavy stuff before weigh-in (pizza and such) so it was my fault.  So it was time to re-vamp and try again...

When points plus started, the minimum daily points was 29.  I lost on 29, but when I hit maintaining I gained at 35, 34, 33, 32,31, 30 and then I'm back at 29 and can't lose or maintain.  It seemed a common problem with "short" people for some odd reason and the next year the minimum dropped to 26; but by that point I was too frustrated.  Recently, I was working with 29 again, but I've decided this week to drop my daily to 26 and see what happens.  Yesterday, I came in way under for some odd reason - here was the menu:

Breakfast:  Instant Low Sugar Oatmeal Maple & Brown Sugar Flavor..........3 pt+

Lunch:  Handy Brand Crab Cake..........6 pt+
             11 McCain Classic Fries...........3 pt+

Dinner:  2/3 cup Birds Eye Mixed Veggies..........2 pt+
              2 oz. Baked Potato..........1 pt+
              5 oz. Chicken Breast..........5 pt+

Snack:   Pumpkin Smoothie..........2 pt+

Total:  22 point plus for the day.   The chicken actually weighed less than 3 oz., I chose to make it 5 because it just seemed so large for some reason, and I didn't believe the scale; so I could actually be lower than 22.

Yes-I know, I hit very little of the healthy guidelines; but I was working with what I had in stock at the house; hadn't been to the store yet.  Fortunately hubby did some shopping for me yesterday on his day off.

So today, I started the day with Baked Oatmeal @ 7 pt+ and a banana 0 pt+ and I'm having left over Chicken and Veggies for lunch.  Dinner is unplanned at the moment.  Weekends are very hard for me, so I'm trying to stay on track!

It's always trial and error!