Don't Be A Slave To The Scale

The dreaded, dreaded weigh-in.  No one likes the scale, but it's the most common tool of weight loss there is.

Don't become a slave to it.  The number one best way to weigh is to do it at the same time always.  Don't over do it with weighing - you'll just become frustrated.  Read here:

Why The Scale Lies

Why The Scale Lies To You

Diary Of An Aspiring Loser

Despite all the information out there, the scale will still get used.  I suggest the following when weighing:

1.  Don't weigh yourself more than once a day - actually you'd be better off to go with once a week.

2.  Weigh yourself at the same time.  Don't weigh yourself one day in the morning and a week later weigh at night - you'll be very discouraged.

3.  Wear the same outfit at each weigh-in (or something comparable).

4.  Don't be discourage with what the scale says - if your clothes are fitting better, you're doing just fine.

So where are we at?  Your mind, a plan, a tracker, a buddy, water and a scale - You're on your way!