A New Year and A Movie Review

REMEMBER:  All movie reviews may (and probably will) contain spoilers, movie review is for : Les Miserables.

I stayed awake long enough to see the new year come in and then I went to bed (yes, we are partying people).

Today Hubby and I caught the morning showing of Les Miserables.  Where do I begin?

First we had leather recliners and second it only cost $5.00 a piece to get in!!


I've heard of Les Miserables but I have never seen it on stage, never read the book, had no idea what it was about.  Fortunately, I read a synopsis of the story line online.  That turned out to be a good thing, had I not I probably wouldn't really know what was going on.

Let's talk performances....the performances were great!  Everyone gave a great performance, but no one gave a stand out performance:

Hugh Jackman - I had seen a television performance of the stage play Oklahoma with Hugh leading the cast one time long ago.  Can he sing?  Yes he can.  Is he more a singer than an actor?  No he is not.  He's just a character singing through the movie.  Nothing spectacular or special.

Russell Crowe - I've been hearing terrible things of his singing in this movie.  Is he that bad?  No he is not.  Yes, Russell Crowe is more an actor than a singer, but he can carry a tune and stay in key which means he was as good in his role as Hugh Jackman was in his.

Anne Hathaway - Anne did a great job, she looked the part, she sang well; but the part is so small it was disappointing.  Hardly any screen time.

Sacha Baron Cohen - His performance I liked.  Not because he was this great singer or gave a fabulous performance; but he gave the small amount of comic relief that you needed from the rest of the movie.

Helena Boham Carter - Did you see Sweeney Todd?  Then you've seen her performance in this movie; I even think she wore the same outfits!  If you've seen her in anything else - same type of character, different clothes.  I really like her, it is a shame she is so type cast.

Amanda Seyfried - Nice voice, very little screen time, nothing special.

Eddie Redmayne - Seriously, I had to look this actor up...no lasting performance.

Samantha Barks - Now here was a performance worth watching.  Beautiful voice, madly in love with the man who doesn't love her.  Believable.

Daniel Huttlestone - Very talented young actor - and hubby's favorite character in the movie!  He'll go very far.

Now the movie.....

Like I said before, I was unfamiliar with this musical, and I do love a good musical; but this just wasn't it.

The movie is looooooooooooo......ng; people aren't kidding when they tell you that you will never imagine you're sitting over 2-1/2 hours - yep, it feels more like 5!!

Have you ever met a person (or had a teacher) that talks in one straight tone all the time?  That's what this movie is except it was one big loooooooooooo......ng song done in one tone.  BORING!!

It started at the opening scene, I was so glad when the song ended and it jumped to something else, except.....the song picked up again.  If there are different songs in this movie, it is very hard to tell one from the other.  Oh and there is no dialogue to break up the singing which at some point gets nerve wracking.  I kept waiting for the scene that would captivate and pull me into the movie, it never came.

The movie goes on and on and on and on and you keep waiting for there to be some resolution, but there isn't.  Hubby even told me he began to think of our turtle Bob and his new tank (we were buying a new one after the movie).  Every time I thought the movie was over, it kept going on.  I could of cared less of the love between Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne's characters because there was no chemistry - HOWEVER, there WAS chemistry between Eddie Redmayne's and Samantha Barks' characters.  I didn't understand why Russell Crowe's character jumped to his death nor did I care; I only cared when Hugh Jackman died because I knew the movie would finally be OVER (or at least I was hoping it would)!!!

After the movie, we went to PetCo where there was an aquarium sale and we bought Bob an overdue new aquarium.  He long ago out grew the old one.  That was better than the movie.

Back to work tomorrow!!