Weight Watchers 360

The Weight Watchers plan is now called "360".

Some people are so excited!!!

Me???  Well nothing has really changed on how the points are calculated.  It seems to be more of making plans, setting goals, making changes a little at a time.  I guess geared to get you in the "habit" of a lifestyle change.

That's good stuff to know, but seriously what does it do for a veteran like me???  Not much.  Last night's meeting was geared towards having healthy snacks on hand - well yeah, I already know that.  The program is great for someone new, but for me and CC - it doesn't help much.

What would help?  Meetings for those maintaining and lifetimers!!  Believe it or not, losing the weight was the easy part - maintaining is HARD.  But you reach goal/lifetime and they basically kick you to the curb.

I'm also getting tired that a leader cannot answer questions correctly.  Someone asked what they should do if they've used all their daily points and are still hungry.  Answers were - fill up with 0 pt. food; eat power foods like veggies.  Ummmmm....maybe a better answer would of been to ask what they are eating during the day - Power Foods will keep you fuller longer especially proteins; perhaps a menu adjustment would do her better.

However, the meeting did get me thinking about getting back in gear.  My first new change is to get back into the water habit.  WW says to have 6 servings of a liquid a day.  ANY liquid counts toward that.  The problem?  I've become more dependent on diet soda than anything, and somehow I can't see that as the healthier choice.  So I've decided my 6 liquids will be water only....that doesn't mean I won't be having soda, coffee, etc..  as I will but my 6 WW liquids will be water.  I even went into Outlook at work and set reminders in my calendar to DRINK WATER.  That way when it pops up on the screen, I can walk to the water cooler.  Worked well today!

I also got my FitBit!  Will write a review on that in a week or so...want to get a few days in with it first.