This & That Part 3

A date night!  Hubby and I have what we call "date night" every Friday, which normally consists of going out to dinner.  Last night, he took me to a movie.

We went and saw "Lincoln" which is EXCELLENT.  If you haven't seen it, it is well worth the cost.  It was the first time hubby experienced the leather recliners in the theater.  Yep, you heard that right - one of the theaters near us has leather recliners, yes the tickets cost more, but even hubby admitted the price is worth it (though the first seats they had us in were broke, but they moved us to working ones).  Hubby and I don't do movies as he always falls asleep...with the length of Lincoln and a recliner I was sure he would here too...but nope, he enjoyed the movie that much that he saw the whole thing!!

If you have Netflix I highly suggest the following documentaries:

Under Our Skins and Beyond The Myth.

Under Our Skins is about Lyme Disease and how the medical community refuses to accept that there are chronic cases.  The few doctors that do treat this are sued, lose licenses etc...  It's very very powerful and sad all at the same time and it seems the doctors that set the protocol for Lyme disease treatment (which denies that it can be chronic) have interests in health insurance companies and research grants.  Quite interesting and it make you wonder how many other diseases are being denied proper treatment because the doctors are being paid by other "interests".

Beyond the Myth deals with pit bulls and breed specific legislation.  Imagine you're at home, the cops come knocking on your door, come in, take your dog because it is of a specific breed (or just looks like one), takes it away and kills it (and the dog has never ever shown any signs of aggression).  Imagine having to move outside the city limits or moving to an area for a new job only to have your pet confiscated because unknown to you, it's a banned breed. Certainly stuff like this is only happening in other countries right?  We're Americans, we have freedoms.....think again!  These things are happening right now in the United States of America.  Very, very sad......

Oh and I got my very first Christmas Gift:

The comics!!  Thanks to Polt for taking my TV series obsession to the next level!!