This & That Part 2

My Joppa kitty cat.  Joppa runs the neighborhood visiting just about everyone, he has other names (Mittens, Gizmo) but most everyone knows he belongs to us (he's also micro chipped to us).  It's not unusual for Joppa to be missing in action for a day or two; but if gone more than that I worry.

And that happened last week. It was about day 4 of missing in action, when I'm walking one of the dogs and happen to look across the street and in someones back yard was Joppa.  I immediately called him and he looked at me and went back to sunning himself.  I took the dog in and went back out.  It took a lot of coaxing to keep his attention, he seemed dazed.  I was worried that he may of been hit, but that didn't seem to be the case.  

He's back to normal now and I'm thinking (because up until yesterday the weather had been so nice) he may of gotten shut in someones garage or shed and was dehydrated therefore causing the dazed, lethargic attitude he had.

But he's back, normal and overly lovable!!