This & That Part 1

Ahhh....yes, I've been very very bad with posting.  Work has been chaos and life in general has been the same.

First off - THE WINNER of the washing machines:

The GE 4.0 capacity DOE.  Yes, it has electronics and yes I highly debated between this and a GE old style with agitator and dials; but in the end this one won.  It does have a dial along with some buttons and a very small agitator.  So far, so good.  So now I have this:

Fortunately the dryer still works.  Actually when I got to my parents' house last Sunday and they asked if the washer had been delivered and how was it working, I said "Great, but now the dryer doesn't work."  My mother nearly had a melt down - lol - however I did tell them I was kidding.

The funny thing is that with front loaders they sit low to the ground, which can cause a lot of back ache so they make pedestals for them (which are very very pricey).  We never bought those but hubby built a stand for ours.  The first time I do a load in the new washer...I can't get the washed clothes out; the basket is so deep and I'm so short that the stand put the clothes out of my reach...fortunately I still have those steps from "The Firm" workout tapes which give me the height I need (seriously, you don't really think I use those steps for exercise do you?).

We still have this:
Because hubby has hope it will be fixed some day - would be nice, but I have my doubts.  And please excuse the cellar mess...well it's an old cellar, what more can I say.