It is FINALLY over....

Christmas is finally over - HURRAY!!

Except today was the first day back at work and it went kind of like this:

 Then this:

And now this - and now it is sleet!

Fortunately liberal leave went into effect and I was able to leave at noon; double fortunately one of the officers drove me home!

I got hubby a tablet for Christmas - a Coby Kyros 7048.  Not a top of the line, but something he can learn to get use to using before the purchasing of a more exciting one!  I had gotten a really good Black Friday online deal at Amazon and couldn't resist; and it turned out to be a good option.  However, we discovered it had no access to the Google Play (android market) store.  I found that odd since I thought all android makes could access this but apparently not.  It had it's own store and you could also use the app store at amazon.  This would of been okay because I can't imagine he'd overdo with apps anyway, but the Chess game he uses is only available on the Play market.  An online search showed many disappointed with this though they all loved the tablet, but naturally someone had figured out a work around, right?  Of course they did...but some just seemed to iffy to try.  I eventually found one that was very, very simple so I gave it a try and IT WORKED.  So he now has his chess game!  And so you need not dig through some questionable sites for this option, here's the link:   Make sure to read through the thread because apparently it doesn't work on all versions but there are many it did work on!

Christmas went pretty good thankfully and I got to spend time with my two favorite little people - Mason & Colton:

They grow so very fast!!  And the best Christmas present was learning that we will be grandparents again this summer!!