Ho Hum....

Three years ago we bought these:

Over a month ago, the washer stopped working.  It's out of warranty, it took forever to find someone to come look at it and frankly, I'm getting a little stressed over it.

See it has an F-28 code...which is a communication error, problem is we can't find what isn't communicating (and before everyone starts sending me links to fixes on the internet - we've already tried them all).
The repair man was here for over an hour with no success.  He called the next day saying he'd be back next Tuesday to check the grounding wires; if that doesn't work we'd look at replacing ($300) or repairing ($160) the CCU unit (but there's no way to really know if it actually is broke or not and yeah an internet search says the same).

You see the issue right?  Is it worth it?  Will we have the cost of a new washer tied up in repair costs?  I can't complain a lot because my Dad has graciously offered to help out with the repairs or a new one; but I'm beginning to think a new one is the better option and perhaps the cheaper.  I work with several people who have front load washers - all swear they'll never own another; some (after making one expensive repair) gave up after another error cropped up.

So I'm looking at top loaders again, preferably with no complicated computer components.  The dryer still works so I'm good with that - so they won't match, but since they sit in my dingy old cellar it really doesn't matter.

I just want to be able to wash clothes again.

But I do owe thank yous to my parents and CC who have been lending the use of theirs!