Bah Humbug!

Obviously I've had no Christmas spirit this year.....

Christmas Eve is spent at my one sister's house.  Hubby makes a ham, she gets steamed shrimp and other stuff...casual affair, come and go as you please.

Not long after hubby got the ham in the oven, it started to snow.  And snow, and snow and snow.......
Even if it weren't Christmas Eve, I'd be grumbling - I hate snow.

We head out around 5:00.  It was quite clear that though the roads were travel able but you really shouldn't be out if you don't have to be.  My sister lives out along a country road, I'm pretty sure her road was hazardous. We were almost out of town, when she called and cancelled.  I immediately called CC, who was in route as well.  Back home, with 10 lbs. of ham.

Okay so Christmas Eve got screwed.  We got home I popped the DVD The Ref in and we watched that.  I then proceeded to turn on Netflix to see what else we could watch.  Netflix wouldn't load.  After some internet testing and such, I went online and was handed the sad news that Netflix had an outage on the East Coast.  Great - I mean, could Christmas Eve get any better?????

Hoping CHRISTMAS DAY...goes  a little better!