And So......

So we decided to get a new washer rather than fix the old.  Dad told us to pick one out.

We stopped at Lowe's on the way home from Sunday dinner just to get an idea what is out there.  We definitely want a top loader.  When the sales person approached us, we began to explain that our front loader broke.  Her response?  "I sure wish mine would break."  Ahhhhh........  seems to be a very typical response of front loader owners.

There are new high efficiency top loaders.  The do not have the agitator in the middle - very roomy.  They do still sell top loaders with agitators in many sizes.  We decided on 2 that we like:  One is the old style top loader, super capacity on clearance for less than $500.  The other is one of the newer models on sale for less than $600.  Hubby thinks the newer model - I'm a little put off because of the electronic controls; electronics is what has failed in the machine we have now....the older style is the dials.  Hubby thinks I'm just being paranoid.

Anyway, I'm going to call Dad tomorrow and take him out and see which he thinks is the better option.

I'll be so glad when I can stop thinking of laundry!


  1. Oh dials, I whole heartedly vote for dials. My stacked unit the "Old Fashioned" dials has been plugging along for years. To my way of thinking, there is just something about water and electronics that doesn't mix.


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