And It's Here....

Ahhhh... December is among us!  That means "that" holiday is coming up.

I haven't been into Christmas in quite a few years; probably because they start ramming it down your throat around July.

My mother's side of the family did have their annual Christmas get together today.  Those types of things I enjoy - it's the over commercialism and greed that ruin the holiday for me.

On a happier note, I finally ordered a FitBit.  I did debate the Weight Watcher's Active Link, but the fact that you have to pay a $5.00 monthly fee for the online feature became the deciding point.  And there's a new FitBit out - can't wait to get it.  A Christmas Gift for myself!!

Maybe that's what we should all do...rather than buy gifts for each other, everyone should buy one thing for themselves.


  1. Oh, I sooo agree. I am so over the commercialization of this Holiday that I go no where near anything that will shove it down my throat. I do 99% of any shopping I need to online and the only store I try to visit is IKEA. It's my once-a-year pilgrimage.

    Taking it one step further, I think we should all just spend the money buying things for ourselves that we want and then get together with the family to show them off!

  2. Oh sorry, missed the part that said "rather than buy gifts for each other" so I really wasn't taking one step fact, wasn't taking it a step at all. Was just agreeing :-)


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