Time For Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has a new little gadget:

The ActiveLink.

You wear this little gadget and it monitors your movement.  You can plug it into your computer and it will link to your E-tools and show you your activity and how may activity points you have earned.

For the record, I do not own one of these and obviously my blog isn't a big informative one where they would of asked me to try it out.  So my review is totally going by what I was told at meetings and what the members are saying online.

1.  You must have a Weight Watchers online account to use this - it can be monthly pass or an online account.
2.  It is going to cost you $5.00 a month in addition to your membership costs.
3.  The device costs $39.95.

The device is designed to get you moving and showing you that movement.  It does not, according to what I've read, show steps taken or length walked.  This device is probably very good for those starting out with exercise but I can't imagine that it is helpful for those exercise fanatics.  A cheaper option, in my opinion, would be to buy the Weight Watchers pedometer - you'll see the steps, it will let you know when you've earned any activity points and there is no additional monthly fee with it.

The way I look at it is this:  It will cost $39.95 up front and an additional $5.00 a month after that.  If you ever drop Weight Watchers the device is useless.  In a year's time you'll have $100.00 spent...take that money and purchase this:


Same idea but it does so much more.  It also has a little screen on it where you can see your steps and such without the use of a computer.  Also, there are no additional charges, you'll have full access to their website.
And it will work with ALL weight loss plans - so if you drop out or switch to another, the device is still usable.  Cost is $99.95.  The better deal in my opinion - and again, I don't own one of these.

So take my opinion for what you think it is worth.


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