Movie Review Thursdays (2 days late) - We Bought A Zoo


Okay, so technically I didn't see this at the movies, but I watched it on HBO last night.  It actually is based on a true story of the memoirs of Benjamin Mee.  It's the story of a father and his two children after the death of the wife/mother.  He decides to move the family and the property they buy includes a closed down zoo all complete with the animals and staff just waiting on a new owner.

This movie has so much potential it should of topped the box office; but it didn't.  It never gives you enough time to bond with any of the characters, so you just don't care.

I'm a huge animal lover and actually hate when animals die or are killed in movies (like all those horror flicks); it has to be accepted that a movie about a zoo is going to have at least one animal death.  This one did, but since they never really showed the bond between the human and animal kind of didn't matter.  It did show the main character having a hard time making the decision, but since you never see a bond you can't sympathize.

Of course the movie changed some things from the true story, for instance the movie takes place in the U.S., the real story is in England; the kids ages are different.  But they are small enough differences that it doesn't really matter.

It is a good movie for the kiddies and/or if you have nothing else to watch.  I just wish they'd of spent more time building up the characters and the relationships.