Black Friday

There is absolutely NOTHING that I want so bad that I would go out at some ungodly hour in the night/morning, wait in line and fight over.  NOTHING!!  And so I don't.

On Wednesday I went to Kmart to get a comforter set they had on sale, the cashier informed me I could save another $10 off the sale price by shopping between such and such a time during the Black Friday Sales....I chose to pay the regular sale price and stay in my warm bed.  What's $10 anyway???

I did get some deals online however at   I nabbed both Seasons 1 & 2 of The Walking Dead for $15.00 (that price includes the shipping) - which was a great price...can't wait to get them!  Have I ever mentioned I'm a huge Walking Dead fan?

I also nabbed hubby a Christmas gift for a great price, can't mention what it is here but it was excellent for what it is and it came with accessories.

But I was able to shop entirely from my home and at the times I wanted to shop!


  1. I hear ya! I refuse to leave my house for the entire weekend. I stock up on food and booze and weather the The Black Friday Zombie Apocalypse from in front of the comfort of my iMac screen. I too did some shopping on Amazon. I ordered the crock pot I have always wanted, charged it to my Mom's credit card and shipped it directly to her house. I promise I'll act surprised on Christmas morning. I also found something that The Hubby has wanted as long as we've been together so I ordered that too. Did that while in my robe and sipping on a Dark & Stormy. Something I couldn't do at Walmart or Kmart.

  2. I am sure you also got to chose if you wanted to stay in your pajamas while shopping as well! I worked one Black Friday at Wal-mart and I will NEVER go out on that day to go shopping. I will wait for Cyber Monday, it is much more convenient.


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